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today i sprained my foot in the worse way possible. i slipped on a yugioh card in my room (a bunch actually since i was sorting them). this is it. yugioh will be the death of me

update: it turns out i didn’t twist/sprain my foot. we went to the nurses and i had fractured it appparently. duel monsters broke my foot. yugioh broke my foot. yugioh ruined my life (here’s a picture of the  cast)image


Somehow playing a card game has caused me to become severely injured.

Looks like you activated a trap card. 

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raspberry leaf can also be used as an anti-inflammatory (like in throat infections or skin rashes) and it helps ease stomach aches and fevers

Lavender Tea is also amazing with period cramps, and is a natural muscle relaxant, helping with all kinds of sore muscles and injuries. 

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What I’d give for someone to cuddle with today. 

At the moment I find myself hormonal insecure, anxious, freaking out about the future, freaking out about the present, slightly hating myself, frustrated in every sense of the word, and feeling just the vaguest sense of hopelessness. 

So yeah. That’s something. I’m not even sure why I’m bringing this up. But felt like posting it. 

  • Fuckboys: All women are sluts!
  • Fuckboys: All women are bitches!
  • Fuckboys: All women date douchebags!
  • Fuckboys: But not all men...
Asker Anonymous Asks:
you're pretty cute and I like your writing. are you single?
penandwind penandwind Said:


*laughter turns into gross sobbing* 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
So you write a lot. Are you planning on doing anything for nanowrimo?
penandwind penandwind Said:


*laughter turns into gross sobbing* 















some people think that school food isnt all that bad and that we’re just whiny teenagers
u fucking get a rock solid jug of rotten milk then tell me that we’re just whiny teenagers

My freshman year of high school i got applesauce for lunch and when I opened it, a cloud of mold poofed out I feel this post on an emotional level

I broke my pb&j sandwich on the table once, it smashed into 7 pieces.

our hot dogs in elementary school were green

what the shit america

i once threw a chocolate chip cookie while emphasizing something in first grade… broke a window. and one kid got horribly sick because his uncrustable was filled with some form of near deadly mold

I girl at my sisters lunch table took a bite of her friends bread stick and their was an inch long piece of metal in it, if her friend had never taken that bite she would have swallowed it herself and died

once in third grade i had a chocolate milk and it tasted so bad i looked in it and it was all moldy. i threw up and had to go home.

last week (im a junior) there was a frog in the salad bar and a freshman boy picked it up with the salad tongs and threw it at me

our chocolate milk was gray and we squeezed grease from burger patties, using loads of napkins to soak it up

Once in second grade, i got chicken nuggets and inside wasn’t chicken but this sour white paste, and showed the lunch ladies and they told me to suck it up.

american horror story: school lunch

When I was in grade school a kid bit into his chicken nugget and there was a strange black hard thing inside that broke his tooth.

our hot dogs bounce 3 feet in the air

My older brother chipped his tooth because there was a rock in his green beans at school. 

I also discovered that my school never cooked their chicken. It was precooked meat-something loaf reconstituted into the shape of chicken. The grill lines on it (to make it look cooked) was brown food dye airbrushed on. 

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Hey everyone, please watch my video about a rare condition called Cryptic Pregnancy.

I made this video because my friend just found out she’s EIGHT MONTHS PREGNANT. No, I’m not kidding. I’m raising some more awareness for this condition, and maybe if enough people know about it these pregnancies can be discovered sooner.

Yes, I really did call myself “Iron-senpai”. That’s what I get for calling my friend “Hulk-chan”.

So, everyone here should take a look at this video. My dear friend here got a shock when her friend found out to her surprise that she was eight months pregnant. This little video is quite informative, and can teach you a lot of stuff you might have not known, even about pregnancy and women’s health in general. 

So give it a view and educate yourself. It is quite worth knowing, especially for those of you who are sexually active. 

Thanks to a shitty browser extension crashing it for me, and an even shittier life I live, I fell behind. 

Attempting to catch up on writing projects and messages throughout the day. 

So yeah. How is everyone doing?





just in case you somehow forgot how horrible the pro life movement is

if people have the right to the hospital then i have the right to  critically wound them

If people have the right to education then I have the right to give them brain damage

If people have the right to speak freely then I have the right to silence them permanently.

If people have the right to be be conscious, then I have the right to bludgeon them into a coma with the nearest blunt object. 

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So I’m currently in the midst of editing two large projects. As soon as I get done with them (which hopefully won’t take past the weekend) I’ll post them here. 

One of them is a project I’ve been working on for months now, I’m really proud of it and want to send it off to Lit magazines to get it published. Once I get it up this weekend, you’re probably going to send a lot of it and I’m not going to shut up for about it for a long while. It is a well crafted story I love and am quite proud about. I think almost anyone who calls themselves a feminist will like it. 

So yeah, just an update. 


to anyone who knew me in 2011 you will be getting a fruit basket

Michelle Krivanek [tumblr | twitter | webcomic]

My thoughts when it comes to  wolf-of-death-valley

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I hear a lot about the “arrogance of youth”
But its never been the youth,
To shoot down my ideas because they simply are different.
Its not the youth,
Who think they are right without question.
It is not the youth,
Who fear the new and prize the old.
It is not the youth,
Who prize the past and condemn the future.
And it is not just the youth,
Who assumes they are right without question.

Maybe there is an arrogance in youth,
But it is not lost when youth is. 

A lot of my problems come from the hell I live in. I am stuck in an apartment with a completely unstable nutcase. He has made my apartment one of the most stressful parts of my life. I have to sequester myself in my room whenever I’m there to avoid the guy. He’s manipulative, and constantly trying to get me into a position where I am under foot and owe him. I can’t even cook in my kitchen because he’ll be there pressuring me, and I can’t deal with that. I mean cooking is one of my great joys in my life and one of my stress relievers. Without that, I’m kind of just overflowing with stress and emotions. Plus, my health has taken a turn for the worse because I’m living off of fast food and microwave meals. 

I’m trying to get out. Trying to find a new place is difficult, and I’ve starting talking with one potential person (which they’re now not responding but I hope that’s just because they’re just busy). Getting out is harder than expected, but I’m still trying. Its just stressful and piling on to my already stressful life. 

Something recently which brings up a lot of baggage and issues is that someone who I considered a friend has cut off all contact from me and shunned me. I don’t know why they did. We had no fight, no disagreement it just happened. The last thing we talked about was about the website, Fetlife, on which I have a profile. We discussed things about alternative sexuality, and I shared with her my profile. I’m deeply afraid that something there upset them. I mean, I think my kinks are relatively harmless, but that’s the only conceivable thing and it has me terrified. I only reveal stuff like that to people I feel I can trust. Now I have someone else that judges me and dislikes me for something they don’t know everything about and it seriously stresses me out. Its another betrayal of my trust, and it has rattled me. 

And of course classwork and schoolwork are stressors in my life. I could handle that myself if these things were not  part of other things. 

My personal, gender identity issues have been messing with me, and its weird and on top of the other stuff I’m just shaken and don’t know who I am or what I’m doing anymore. I am just… overwhelmed. 

So yeah, that’s what is eating me. I’m lost, and overwhelmed and just don’t know what else to do. So yeah. 

If you have any comments, advice, remarks, what have you, I’m open to it.