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Sorry, no go on finishing that piece tonight. It redoubled on me, and I can barely stand straight right now. 

Uggghhhh… I hate being sick. I mean, feeling bad is crap enough, but being incapacitated and unable to get anything done just sucks! This is a busy time of the year, and with a job and a crapload of schoolwork to do, I’m just more screwed each day this sickness continues. 

I really hope I’m better by tomorrow. If this keeps up, I don’t know what I’m going to do. 

I will try to finish up this poem I’ve been working on for a while tonight, but if I’m not satisfied I may put it off. 

Also, if anyone knows how to get rid a viral illness that’d be great to hear. I’m trying some basic stuff, and some basic herbalism, but I’m open to any and all suggestions. 

I really hate being sick. I’m way too addled to do anything, and I hate not being able to do do anything. 

If I’m going to do nothing, I want it to be because of my own lazy choices. Not because I don’t have the energy. 

Sorry everyone. I wish I could write while I’m incapacitated, but my brain is all foggy and I have a headache that could kill a horse, so thinking and being creative isn’t really something I can do today. 





how much do islands cost i want one

Less than a college education


what the fuck


Buying an island is much better than a college education. (Which is pretty much worthless now.) I mean, fucking real estate is one of the best investments, and you can grow your own food.

I made a huge mistake going to college. I realize that now. I missed my island opportunity. 

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What if our actual lives involve saving the world with our friends and doing really epic stuff

but in this dimension we’re in someone’s high school AU fanfiction or something

If my life is a fanfiction, I’m going to find a way to stab my author. 

Ladies, if a guy ever tells you to “smile,” just simply say that smiling is a sign of weakness in chimpanzees, like him. Then stare at him with a look of murder until he slinks away in defeat. 




The strongest ‘pound for pound’ muscle is the uterus: it weighs around 2 pounds but during childbirth can exert a downward force of 400 Newtons, which is one hundred times as strong as gravity and equivalent to the power in a fully extended modern longbow. 

I need masculism because I am afraid.

you should be

You can tell how sleep deprived I am right now because I read this post and immediately thought of women hunting people down with arrows shooting from their vaginas. 

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The combination of sleep deprivation, sickness, and other things have been giving me some interesting thoughts. I’m debating writing about them later, or if they’re just way too weird to post. 

Very tired and ill. 

I’ll hopefully have time to put up my writings tomorrow.Super sorry everyone. It’s just kind of been hell lately. 

I am incredibly tired, overworked, stressed out beyond belief, and just really really sad. 

I feel… defeated. 

Sorry, I can’t really write tonight, maybe tomorrow? I don’t know. I’m just… *sigh* I don’t know. 

I’m dead. Just… defeated and dead. 




brb drowning myself in the toilet

I used to think “oh these are just silly stories, that stuff rarely happens.” Then I started working as a cashier, and now this post is so relevant it’s painful. 

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I am so beyond dead right now. Tomorrow morning/afternoon I’ll write and queue some stuff. 

I would tonight, but to have that kind of energy someone is going to have to get a needle of adrenaline stick it in me. 

It’s been “one of those days” at work. One of those days where you’re pretty sure only murder will quell your frustrations. 

Blegh, why can’t work pay me to sleep all day? I find it highly unfair that they want me to actually come in and do labor for them just so they’ll give me a paycheck.

Sonic the Hedgehog’s lesser known cousin, Bob the Raccoon. 

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